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What is it?

During sleep, airflow through the back of the nose and/or mouth can be obstructed and lead to vibration of the soft tissues. Snoring is the sound generated from this vibration, which can be disruptive for patients and their bed partners.

How is it treated?

It is important to ensure that patients who snore do not also have sleep apnea (see section on obstructive sleep apnea) with a sleep study.  Treatments are chosen based on specific anatomic problems identified and can include weight loss, medication and minimally-invasive procedures to improve nasal breathing, palatal stiffening procedures, and oral appliances.  May procedures can be offered in the clinic to help stiffen the palate, which is often the primary site of the problem for snorers.

Dr. Parker is one of the few surgeons in Indiana focusing on and offering the spectrum of options for patients with pure snoring. has more info on snoring and sleep apnea!

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