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Vocal Cord Cyst

What is it?
Vocal fold cysts are benign growths underneath the surface of the vocal fold.  They can form due to a blocked mucous gland, but can arise due to a number of reasons.  Cysts can be located anywhere throughout the voice box, or larynx, and throughout the head and neck in general.  Vocal fold cysts can reside in the area of voice production, which can dramatically alter a person’s voice, including a raspy voice, difficulty with higher pitches or reduced range, and/or poor pitch control .

How is it treated?

Vocal fold cysts, or cysts elsewhere causing patient symptoms, do not resolve with voice therapy or avoidance of voice use.  Treatment typically is in the form of phonomicrosurgical excision in the operating room, where preservation of the healthy tissues necessary for voice production can be maximized.

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