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Hoarseness (Dysphonia)

What is it?
Hoarseness is a SYMPTOM, and the medical term for hoarseness is “Dysphonia.”  Hoarseness is an unfavorable change in one’s voice quality.  It can have many potential underlying causes, and often hoarseness can be a sign of underlying diseases that can be very serious (such as cancer) so it is important to have hoarseness that lasts more than two weeks evaluated by a trained specialist. Hoarseness can be caused by any of the disorders described under our “Voice Disorders” section, so please see that section to learn more.
How is it treated?
Because hoarseness (dysphonia) is only a symptom, a medical professional should evaluate the vocal folds and determine the cause of the hoarseness so that it can be effectively treated.   Treatments can involve medications, voice therapy , and/or surgery, depending on the underlying cause.

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