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Thyroid Cancer

What is it?

The thyroid gland, a gland located low and in the center of the neck, can develop several cancer types based on the cell of origin.  All of the types involve cells that divide abnormally and have the potential to spread to other parts of the body.  The most common types of thyroid cancer respond exceedingly well to treatments, but prognosis is dependent on the type of cancer identified and the stage of disease.  

How is it treated?

Imaging and appropriate pathology are critical to identifying proper staging and treatment.  Most thyroid cancers are initially treated with thyroid gland removal by your surgeon, but sometimes there are other lymph nodes that need to be removed as well.  Most thyroid cancers also respond well to additional treatment with radioactive iodine, which is administered by an endocrinologist.  Working with an experienced surgeon and endocrinologist with a close relationship is important to receiving the best treatment and follow-up.

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